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          Company: Anyang ZhengCheng Mechanical Co., Ltd.

          Contact: Manager Wang / Du Manager

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          Address:Westsection  XianGe Avenue, High-tech Zone Anyang, Henan Province,China

          SUV Assembly Line

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          • Release date:2018/10/19
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          Service Scope: Automotive assembly line design, processing, production, installation and maintenance

          Automobile is a complex mechanical product consisting mainly of the engine, chassis, the body (including the cab and the cargo) and the electrical part. The chassis is composed of a transmission system, a driving system, a steering system, a braking system, a control system, a fuel supply system, and so on. According to the automobile big part composition, it is consisting mainly of the engine assembly (with gearbox, clutch), front axle and leaf spring assembly, rear axle assembly, frame, tires, cab and so on. A medium and heavy truck is equipped with more than 500 parts and more than 2,000 parts, so automobile assembly line is a rather complicated task. Automobile assembly line is a process in which the production object (component) changes in quantity and appearance, and a series of quantitative changes must cause a series of qualitative changes. The change in quantity is manifested in the increasing number of components and assemblies in the assembly process and their orderly combination. The change in appearance is manifested by the orderly combination of components and assemblies, which have a certain mutual positional relationship; the shape is constantly changing, and finally becomes a complete vehicle. Therefore, automobile assembly line is the process of making the various parts have a certain mutual positional relationship and form a complete vehicle.

          Anyang Zhengcheng has rich experience in design and manufacture of transportation equipment for automobile production lines, from skid conveyor system, EMS conveyor line, air chain accumulation line, air friction conveyor line, slide conveyor system, single-chain plate conveyor line, double-chain plate type. Application of conveyor lines, component loading mechanisms and robots.

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