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          painting line

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          Coating line

          (1)Equipment composition: The components of the coating line mainly include: pre-treatment equipment, powder spray system, painting spray equipment, oven, heat source system, electronic control system, suspension conveyor chain, etc. It is suitable for painting and plastic spraying on the surface of workpiece. It is mostly used for the painting of single work part or small batches of workpiece. It is combined with the transportation machinery such as hanging conveyors, electric rail trolley and ground conveyors to form transportation operations.

          (2)Engineering process layout

          1. Powder coating line: Load – Powder coating - drying (10min, 180 ° C -220 ° C) - cooling - unload

          2. painting line: Load - electrostatic dust removal - primer - leveling - topcoat - leveling - drying (30min, 80 ° C) - cooling -Unload

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